Tuesday, April 29, 2008

people sniff and walk by

Things about these Youtube videos done by amateurs that you really have to appreciate:

they are heartfelt and peoples sense that, and tend to believe it more than a printed page.  In other words, testimonies are very powerful. Cults obviously use that to their advantage as well.

the videos are cathartic, and people watching experience a taste of the same catharsis and want it for themselves; thus prompting the listener to seek what the person in the video is offering.

if humor is used, as in the case of recent Scientology exposé as done by a group called ANON, and the humor is not angry sarcasm or personal attacks, which are traditionally the tools of the cults, and hopefully not those trying to expose them.  A leveling ground is created. All of the façades, the Emperor's new clothes that people are wearing in positions of power, are suddenly seen as having no more power than that of the average peon.  Suddenly, the most powerful are without clothes, and the commoners see that the power person is embarrassed, and the power person wrenches the curtain back in front of the stage so that the façade may continue unabated.  Yet HIS DOOM IS SEALED. His primal fear turns to white rage, as he sweats out the careless poison which eventually destroys him in the end.  Alone and embarrassed. For all charismata is gone now, all is left is a the shell of a man.

People sniff and walk by.



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